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Working From Faith – Discovering Clairgnosis

Working From Faith – Discovering Clairgnosis

Currently being deep into the World wide web courting scene of late…I have the prospect to discover exactly where men and women of my age team stand with faith. There are lots of like me who have been raised in devout Catholic homes…but select to no longer follow that religion. Then, there are many others…you know…the non-Catholics…the forsaken group that we were being instructed would “in no way see heaven” by the nuns and priest of the Catholic Church. This group appears to be a small extra apt to stay minimally involved with the arranged faith of their upbringing…some even clinging tightly to possibly the New or Aged Testament of the Bible…subsequent its advice verbatim…their “crutch of types” to temperature the ups and downs of present day globe and our sophisticated lives.

Now me, as desperately as I have desired to belong to an arranged faith…if nothing far more than for the social component…but particularly for the singing! I appreciate to sing in church…and it is the 1 detail I lament losing when offering up my Catholic religion. Why, I was a “large soprano” and could belt out the greatest of notes for the duration of Christmas Eve Mass! My dismay with the Catholic Church began in the initial grade of Parochial College. Although getting taught Catechism…statements of religion that were being memorized and repeated back again to the nuns…I came ideal out and mentioned to my classmate…”How do we know if we believe that in God or not…we are only 6 many years aged and just declaring it simply because the nuns want us to”! Indeed…that was the commencing of my unpleasant many years as a youthful Catholic little one not rather keen to consider what was making an attempt to be programmed into my head…and the initially of lots of phone calls to my mom and dad…accompanied with stints of standing in the corner!

By the time I entered Parochial Substantial College…my head was rebelling even harder from the theology and techniques of the Catholic religion. Once again, it was yours certainly reprimanded for not staying ready to take part in a deal with to encounter confession of my sins as a cleaning ritual on a weekend retreat. As usual, the ever expanding voices in my head ended up steadfastly refusing to purchase into the idea that only “Priests” could communicate with God…and that we were all in a regular point out of sin at any time considering that delivery that just never ever seemed to be erased fully. The fact that these beliefs ended up taught with these types of conceitedness and meanness…built the voices in my head say “enjoy the activity as lengthy as you need to have to…then operate much absent and hardly ever go again!”

When parenthood arrived in my late twenties…again the voices! 1 established would say…”If you will not baptize your boy or girl…he may well die and under no circumstances see heaven”. My other established of voices explained…”How can a little toddler be born with sin”…and the other voice stating “The God I consider in would not treatment about a silly ritual”. Very well…I caved…produced my “suited contribution” to the regional Parish…and baptized my sons. I even went so considerably as to send out them to Parochial Sunday School so that they would understand to pray etcetera. I knew that just about every person needed to believe that that there was in fact a God…and that you could speak to Him by means of prayer.

Yrs went by, and I commenced to yearn to be component of anything…a church…an firm…perhaps even a Wiccan neighborhood. A little something that would make me come to feel that “connection to the Better Power”…that had usually alluded me. All through this 25 calendar year time period…I would go through e-book after book hunting for a philosophy, exercise or group that could eventually give me that warm fuzzy emotion that God liked me and I could essentially truly feel it!

Accomplishment last but not least arrived soon after conference a man or woman named Sherry Healy. Sherry worked with me to acquire my intuition and fortify my connection with God…Infinite Spirit…Larger Power. She also coined a title for people today like her and me…Clairgnostic. I at last found a spiritual home! I could now determine my connection with God. I was a Clairgnostic…one particular who come to believe that in God since he/she has skilled Him.

Wanting to know what the heck a Clairgnostic is…and is it the exact same as an Agnostic? The following should crystal clear factors up:

Cairgnostic is just one who has expert the state of Clairgnosis. The origins’ of the word arrive from the root terms clairvoyant and Gnostic.

Clairgnosis is the issue of “Enlightenment” understood from intuitive modalities. The term, coined in 1999 by Sherry Healy aka Shealy, is now usually made use of inside the fields of vitality drugs, psycho-energetic healing and other intuitive modalities of religious and intuitive enlightenment. Clairgnosis is a apparent understanding of God, Spirit or Better Electrical power by way of intuitive expertise. In less complicated phrases, Clairgnosis is belief in God, Spirit or Higher Energy simply because 1 has knowledgeable it in an intuitive method relatively than mainly because a single has been taught or conditioned to imagine.

A Clairgnostic point out can be attained by way of any indicates by which a man or woman activities the God Pressure first hand. This could be as straightforward as a stop by from an angel, witnessing a miraculous occasion or owning a in the vicinity of death encounter. I, on the other hand, turned a Clairgnostic by training a vibration-improved form of electrical power medicine created by my mentor, Shealy. Shealy’s self-transformational technique of consciousness exploration that combines breathing, sequential movements, meditation and tonal vibrations proven to convey members the encounter of Clairgnosis by aligning conscious brain vitality with acutely aware body power has last but not least been presented the name of Kina Nima(TM). Kina Nima(TM) is derived from Latin roots and stands for the movement of soul strength by way of the system.

And the voices in my head…they are quite liking this new philosophy I have subscribed to! Not only that, but I truly feel the most amazing link to God…like he is with me at all times…and sales opportunities me as I navigate the relaxation of this life time!

One final point, remaining a Clairgnostic has manufactured for some quite appealing discussions when conference prospective mates from the Web…and individually has brought me enhanced overall health, a seen “external magnificence” and a prosperity of opportunity! But most important of all, I have crammed that void of unconditional really like as a result of Clarignosis…and so go after my courting ritual as a newly uncovered “whole man or woman”!