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The ‘Bi Nka Bi’ Adinkra Image of Ghana – An Embodiment of Peace

The ‘Bi Nka Bi’ Adinkra Image of Ghana – An Embodiment of Peace

The early Asante forebears of Ghana intelligently crafted quite a few symbols that philosophically instructed society customers on the ethical code of dwelling. This assisted enormously in selling social cohesion and tranquil partnership among on their own. A critical analysis of the symbols reveals the ingenuity of the Asante forebears. Crafted given that the 1600s, several of these symbols have symbolic interpretations which when pondered above give insightful information that enriches the ethical forex of these who abide by them. A single of these kinds of essential Ghanaian symbols is the ‘Bi-Nka-Bi’.

The pictorial illustration of the image reveals numerous bulging curves that symbolically stand for various individuals in the society. In a philosophically crafted impression, these bulging curves unite into a person full condition, signifying unity or oneness. Therefore, the image signifies peace among one a further. Some others say that the image is an abstracted illustration of two fishes biting every other’s tail, warning in opposition to all varieties of strife and disputes.

This image actually implies ‘Bite not one particular another’. Biting, as made use of in this context, signifies rivalry, conflicts or misunderstanding. The symbol admonishes culture associates not to let any anti-peace issue to disrupt the peace that exists between them. It advocates amicable settlement of all varieties of misunderstanding that could sow the seed of rivalry and conflict. In a regular Asante location, disputes between family members are expected to be talked over and remedied instantly at the relatives level by the loved ones head ‘Abusuapanyin’. S/he is mandated by traditional by-law with the authority to pay attention to the grievances of every bash that resulted in the dispute, advises and amicably settle the misunderstanding prior to it could degenerate and escalate into a more substantial conflict. Stubborn get-togethers who do not hear to the loved ones head are despatched to the overlord of the town who is the chief and his cabinet of elders. He is the final say in all issues and his verdict is viewed as conclusive of all sorts of societal conflict. In the identical light-weight, hard conflicts that ensue between chiefs of neighboring towns and villages are despatched to the paramount main to settle it. The fulcrum of all these peace settling preparations in the modern society was for every society member to smoke the peace pipe all the time.

As a variety of normal reminder of this essential social get in the Ghanaian society, the ‘Bi-Nka-Bi’ symbol is generally inscribed, modeled and painted on many structures, pottery wares, sandals and other objects made use of in the society. Also, the image is applied as the principal layout in the production of many jewellery products for personal adornment. It is fitting that the commemoration of the 62nd independence working day of Ghana has adopted the symbol in denoting the important information of peace amid all ethnic societies in the state. The author endorses the use of the image by peace foundations and establishments in depicting the imagery of peace and in all kinds of training on peace carried out globally.